The Protest is an international festival of social critique film that has the will to do their bit to try to transform society through cinema.
We believe that cinema is a way to put light on hidden realities and give volume to silenced voices. It is also a medium that appeals to emotions in a very direct way, cinema makes sense, and we consider that what too often lacks in society is, precisely, feel more. We believe that another world is possible, and from the protest, an activist, transformer and feminist film festival, we want to contribute to making it better by pushing social change through cinema.
The festival protest offers a programming of cinema based on equality gender. Research and selection work is more complex, due to the small number of films directed by women. From The Festival, markedly feminist, we didn’t want to make promises to fight for parity or sign documents to do an egalitarian programming in a few years, no excuses, we did it now!
Gender euphoria
The man, the woman and what these categories mean are in question. It seems that a door has been opened where it starts to enter fresh air, a breeze that allows us to have a new perception, freer. There are a thousand nuances between the only two accepted models so far, the gray palette is taking color and shape, and gender expressions are claimed as diverse and fluid.
From the Protesta we arise many questions around this topic and its importance in the configuration of who we are and how we relate, what is expected of us as men or as women, how we live this pressure to fit in the Category that has been assigned to us. That’s why in this 7th edition we’ll reflect about gender roles and stereotypes, motherhood, new masculinities, transsexualism or non-sexist education, to immerse us and participate in the revolution of the moment. A revolution that has come to change everything to make a happier society.

MAKING OF / 2018