Protesta is an international film festival focused on social criticism that gives you the opportunity to be another piece in the movement to transform society through film.
We believe that the screen is a way to shine light on the hidden realities of our world and give a voice to those who are silenced. It is also a way to appeal to the emotions directly. Films make you feel, and we are convinced that what society needs most is to feel more. We believe that another world is possible, and here at Protesta, a festival for activism, transformation, and feminism, we want to help accelerate that change to society through cinema.
Festival Protesta strives for equal participation by ensuring that at least half of the feature films are directed by women. It’s sadly much more challenging because there aren’t nearly as many films with female directors. But since the beginning, we’ve been a feminist festival, and we didn’t want to wait years to fulfill our promise to fight for equality, we are doing it now!

MAKING OF / 2019