The sixth edition of Protesta, the international festival of social criticism, will be held in Vic from October 19th to 28th. This year, in ‘Protesta 6.0 ‘, we will reflect on how society is transforming and its critical capacity with the use of new technologies, internet and social networks. The festival will create, again, a space for the projection, dissemination and diffusion of social criticism films with a wide program of feature films, short films and activities related to the theme in different venues of the city. In 2018’s edition, Festival Protesta has programmed 55 screenings: 15 feature films (9 releases in Catalonia, 6 of them also in Spain) and 40 short films (12 from the Official Selection and 28 from the Non-Competitive Selection). Festival Protesta proposes, for the first time, an equal programming of feature length films, with 8 films directed by women and 7 by men. There are also scheduled sessions in the cities of Tona, Manresa and Barcelona.
19 – 28 OCTOBER / VIC


For a few weeks, lots of people have seen in Vic and Barcelona posters with the message #IHaveSeenThing and a huge red neon eye on a mobile device. The hashtag, taken from the famous sentence of the film Blade runner (1982), is a clue about the theme chosen by the Festival Protesta in its sixth edition, called ‘Protesta 6.0’.
In Blade Runner, we would discover that in the not too distant future – 2019, year around at the corner – humanity would be able to create physically identical robots to people, without feelings and with a superhuman force. We are not so far from this reality, society is transforming at a dizzying speed and everything that is related to the internet and virtual world evolves at a rate that exceeds our ability to adapt. On one hand, we have the feeling of being absorbed by large amounts of information that we do not have time to assimilate or contrast, we lose control of what we hang in the networks and we are part of the algorithms that transform us into consumers without opinion. But, on the other hand, we have the possibility of organizing movements with more agility and in the distance, the technology has become more accessible and we have the possibility to make visible and give voice to silenced causes.
Do we like or we do not like this transformation? Do networks make us free? Who controls this information? Based on all these questions, we present a poster that wants to be a tribute to Fritz Lang and its Metropolis (1927), to Blade Runner, both, the book of Philip K. Dick, and the film of Ridley Scott (1974), Matrix of the Wachowski sisters (1999), 1984 of Orwell, or the most recent series Black Mirror and The Handmaid’s Tale. An image that, from the eye that sees everything, invites us to reflect and be critical in the use and consumption of new technologies.
The poster and the image of Protesta 6.0 have been developed by the agency of Creative design Partee.
Festival Protesta has decided to do an equal program in feature films, 8 films are directed by women and 7 by men. The research and selection work is more complex, due to the small number of films directed by women. The data speaks by themselves, only 9% of fiction films premiered in Spain in 2017 were directed by women. As we are a festival strongly feminist, we did not want to make promises to fight for parity, or sign commitment letters to make an equitable program in a few years, there are no excuses, we have done it already!

MAKING OF / 2017

Protesta is an international film festival on social criticism that seeks to put its grain of sand to help transform society through cinema, and wants to do it constructively, positively and creatively, making the festival a party of denunciation cinema.



Protesta film festival projects feature films, documentaries and animation on social criticism in different places in the city of Vic.
Festival Protesta screen social short films from the Oficial Selection and Non-Competitive Selection, from among hundreds of works presented to the international competition.
During the 11 days of the festival, various activities like concerts, conferences, theatre performances, exhibitions, round tables, children's activities and master classes are planned in different spaces in Vic. All of them relate to the theme of the edition of 2016 which is ‘Rebellious women'.
The last day of the festival is dedicated to children with screenings of children's films with social content. At the same time we organize workshops in order to raise awareness of the social problems that surrounds us.

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