The Protesta film festival of social critisicm opens registration for its sixth edition

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The registrations for the Protesta Festival six edition are open until May 15th. The festival will be between 19 and 28 October in Vic (Catalunya). You can submit the shorts ( or through Festhome, Filmfreeway and Clickforfestivals. For the first time, registration will cost 3 euros.

The duration of the work can not exceed 30 minutes and can be presented pieces of fiction and documentary. The selection committee will make a selection of short films finalists, from which the jury awarded the prize for best short documentary and best short fiction. In the coming months will be making public the names of the jury members of this year, always related to social activism and the audiovisual world. The award of the public can vote those attending screenings of short films finalists during the festival. In October will be announced the finalists films that will be screened during the festival in different parts of Vic. You can consult the general rules in this link.

The prize for best short documentary and best short fiction is endowed with 1,000 euros and the audience award 500 euros. 25% of each award will go to an entity or nonprofit organization, the same winner chooses. In addition, winners will receive the trophy of the festival, a sculpture made by forging Enric Pla Montferrer.

The short film competition is only part of the protest festival, which since last year has an extensive program of films and parallel activities.

The awards

As every year, the prize for the best documentary short film and best fiction short film is endowed with 1,000 euros, and the public prize with 500 euros. 25% of each prize will be allocated to a non-profit organization or association that the same winner or winner will choose. In addition, the winners will receive the trophy of the festival, a sculpture of wrought iron made by Enric Pla Montferrer.

In the 2017 edition, the winners of the Protest were, Box Girls by Jaime Murciego, with the best documentary award. Focused on Kariobangi, Kenya, explains how the ‘Boxgirls Kenya’ school tries to give girls tools to improve their situation in an environment of poverty, crime, drugs, rape and other abuses. 25% of the prize goes to this boxing school precisely.

In the category of best short fiction film, the winner is 3 gramos de fe, by José A. Campos. The short one criticizes the evictions through the history of Mary. 25% of the prize has been allocated to the Borrando Diferencias association, which helps families with children with special needs.

The public’s prize was by La frontera invisible, by Nicolás Richat. The documentary shows the testimony of Colombian communities that see how palm oil fever sweeps up natural habitats and expels them from their land that ends up being concentrated in the hands of large corporations, all in the name of green fuel production. 25% of the prize was allocated to the entity Comision Intereclesial de Justicia y Paz.

And the festival organization was given a special mention in the documentary Bunkers, by Anne-Claire Adet, a suffocating story of how political asylum seekers in Geneva are lying in underground bunkers waiting for them, a resolution.

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