Submissions are open for the Short Film Competition of the 7th edition of Festival Protesta!

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The submissions for the 8th edition the Short Film Competition of Protesta, International Festival of Cinema of Social Criticism are open until May 16th. The festival will be held from 16th to 24th of October in Vic (Barcelona).

You can submit the short films in our website ( or through the platforms FesthomeFilmfreeway and Clickforfestivals. You can check the competition rules in this link. The registration has a cost of 5 euros. The duration of the work cannot exceed 30 minutes and can be presented pieces of fiction and documentary.

The main novelties of this year in the short film competition are the economic remuneration with 25 € of all the projects that are projected, both in the Official Selection and in the Non-Competitive one, and the aim of gaining more female representation in the competition.

On the one hand, we propose this symbolic retribution to acknowledge the hard work and teamwork of the short films. It is precisely in places like the Protesta, a festival built from the ground up, that the creations of social criticism need to be given a value, visibility and recognition. So we want to set a precedent to encourage other festivals to do the same so that people involved in the audiovisual creation can see their work recognized.

The other major challenge we face as an organization in this eighth edition is the increasing participation of directors in the competition. Currently only 27% of the shorts presented are directed by women. Although women make up 64% of the students in audiovisual media career classrooms, this data is not passed on to industry, where only 16% of productions are female-led.

We want to break the statistics and empower more directors to submit their works to the short film competition to achieve parity in the not too distant future. The goal is ambitious, but it is imperative that we start working on it in order to reverse our participation figures.

As every year, the winner of the best documentary short film and best fiction short film receives 1,000 euros, and the public prize with 500 euros. Although, the 25% of each prize will be donated to a non-profit organization or association that the winner will choose.

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