Protesta Film Festival receives 400 short films about social criticism from 43 different countries

  • 28% of the total shorts received are directed by women
  • The official selection will be announced in early September

The sixth edition of Protesta Film Festival will take place from October 19th until October 28th in Vic. The main focus of the festival will be the short film competition, that this year, has received 400 application films from more than 40 different countries including Iran, Russia, Brazil, France, Greece, Germany, Turkey, Iraq or Armenia. 28% of the directors are female. Although this is not yet a sufficient number, the organization is positive because it’s higher than the figures published in 2017 regarding women in the field of cinema in Catalonia. In Catalan universities, careers related to communication are dominated by women by over 60%. Yet this figure is not reflected in the number of women who go on to become directors, producers or scriptwriters in cinema (which is under 16%). In this respect, the festival wants to take a further step in giving visibility to the work of women in cinema and this year will seek parity in feature films that will be screened.

But this is not the only mission for this edition, the organization also wants to support the goal of expanding the number of feature films. In addition to that, Protesta Film Festival wants to offer its audience a variety of films that have not been released in commercial movie theatres or that have not achieved commercial distribution.

Protest 6.0

The festival wants to continue with a clear goal of being a space of reconnection through reflection and critical thinking. As in previous editions, the festival will promote parallel activities and projections surrounding a theme. This year, the festival wants to bring to the table the impact that new technologies and social networks -the virtual world- have on our lives and relationships. Social transformation through cinema is the backbone of the festival. This aims to create constructively, positively and creatively, a festival of cinema of denunciation. The main focus of the festival are the variety of feature films about social criticism, the contest of short films and the programming of parallel activities related to cinema and social impact